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The Place Where Cars Are Made New Again

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality, express car wash or a full-service exterior and interior deep clean with all the works, Fusion Carwash is the place to be. With friendly service and attention to detail, we’ll make your car feel like new again – bright, shiny, and clean.

We are a family-owned business with over a decade of experience. We bring that knowledge and passion to Fusion Carwash and combine it with the latest technology to provide you with the best car wash experience around.

The areas we serve include:

  • Frederick
  • Applegate
  • Urbana
  • Linganore
  • Middletown
  • Adamstown
  • Clover Hill
  • Braddock Heights
  • Ballenger Creek
  • Spring Ridge
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • And more surrounding communities near Frederick, MD

About Our Services

At Fusion Carwash, we offer four different car wash packages with the ability to choose between the exterior single wash option or full-service option. Full-service includes interior and exterior detailing services to really make your car shine again. We also offer an organic steam package to deep clean and sanitize your car.

Our advanced cleaning process includes:

Fusion Bath

Breaks down even the most difficult surface contaminants.

Fusion Prime

Lifts away embedded dirt and grime from your car’s paint and exterior.

Fusion Rinse

An infused waterfall that thoroughly flushes all foam residue from your car.

Fusion Seal

Locks out dirt and protects your car’s paint, keeping your car looking clean longer.

Fusion Wax

Makes your car shine and sparkle, like it just came off the lot!

Fusion Repel

A surface repellant applied with precision to repel water and improve visibility.

Do you love driving around in a sparkling, clean car? Join our unlimited monthly club starting at $25/month and get your car washed and detailed as often as you like! Choose between the Fusion Finish, Fusion Guard, and Fusion Max packages, full service or exterior only.

Purchase a Car Wash Today

Fusion Carwash is conveniently located at 5371 Spectrum Drive in Frederick, MD. Stop on by and experience the premiere car wash of Frederick today! We have an online store where you can conveniently pre-purchase any of our packages, as well as gift cards for friends and family. You can also purchase one of our monthly unlimited packages!